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ImageWizard V 5.0 - Image Editor


Now you can easily edit your images offline, with our new ImageWizard

Software, it's never been easier.

Easily Mirror, Flip, Rotate, Resize, Crop, Add Text, Skew and more, you can also add Filters to lighten, darken, add more or less contrast, combine images and more.

Easily select images from twaint compatible devices, such as cameras, scanners.

Easily capture screenshots as well.

Print Preview and Print Image Feature. 


Q. How much does the ImageWizard Software Cost?

A. Nothing - For a Limited Time we are offering this very Sophisticated Image Editing Program Free.

Q. Is there a Macintosh version of the ImageWizard Software.

A. Sorry..Not at this time, although it not been tested on a Macintosh using VirtualPC.


Download the ImageWizard Now.


ImageWizard Screenshot 

ImageWizard Image Editing Software 


* Load, Save, Display, Transform the following images.

* TWAINT compatible (can scan from any TWAIN devices)
* Print/Print Preview support.
* Mirror, Flip, Negative, Rotate, Resize, Skew, Increase/Decrease BPP (bit per pixel).
* Support for the following Filters.

FFT, Threshold, Colorize, Gamma, Lighten, Darken, Contrast, many Linear/Non linear 
* Compression settings for Jpeg.
* Zoom In/Out, Full Screen, Histogram, Palette.
* Capture Screen Shots

Look for More Features in Version 5.1.0

You must have WinZip or any Unzip Utility to install the Image Manager.

Get it here Download Winzip  Free 21 Day Evaluation.



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